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who: Everybody?!
what: Remember Serah's Christmas parties? This is just like that. Except for the passing of the year instead. Get out there and let everyone know how them past six months have been going!
where: Nos Astra. Don't sign anything.
when: New Year.
notes: HAPPY (EARLY) 2016, HAVENITES! There's some prompts below to get you started in different locations, but feel free to make up your own. Choose one, two, or all of them. And really, don't sign anything. Unless for shenanigans. Always choose shenanigans.

i hope senpai will notice me. )
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who: Nina, and you.
what: Somebody's out for a walk and may or may not run into people.
where: Seahaven.
when: Now?
warnings: Just the usual!

Seahaven was noticeably warmer than she'd remembered it being. )
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[The shooting star in the sky over Ikebukuro was more warning to the people of this world than the woman riding through the streets of her home city got. Maybe it was happenstance that this happened, coincidence. Perhaps it was a subconscious wish of the local pillar to make things a bit more interesting and more like home. Either way, the black bike wobbled and looked like it was about to crash before the rider pulled it steady once more. It was disorienting: one minute she was driving down one street and then another it was slightly different.

The changes weren't drastic, but having been in this city for twenty years you notice when certain shops are different or a road turns in a different way or a pothole is suddenly gone. It was the little things she noticed. And then there was the mood as well. There was something different in the air. Something different about the way people pointed as she rode by.

And police sirens. She wasn't hearing any of those. The city's sounds seemed...not muted...but not as far reaching either.

Slipping her phone from her sleeve she tried to shoot off some messages but she kept getting an out of service error...And what was with that stone that fell from her sleeve after it? Putting them both back, the headless rider sped off in search of answers.


[The video that accompanies Celty's arrival is a brief one. She doesn't yet understand the purpose of the rune. A yellow helmet and a black reflective visor can be seen in the frame of the transmitted image. It looks at the rune, likely at the way it's going, but no words are said. In the background one can see the lights of a city going by. After a moment the figure shrugs and the image goes black as the rune is slipped up her sleeve.

It's still broadcasting though, and likely receiving as well.
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action/private @ Cansycia;
[The last thing Brooke was able to remember clearly was leaving Domain, returning to the surface and beginning to make her way to the southwest, just as that strange child—Crystal, she called herself—had suggested.

She and the others that were traveling with her had just passed through Senria when it happened: something called out to her. She didn't know what it was, but not a moment later, everything went white.

When she regained consciousness, she was immediately overcome with the most unpleasant feeling. Though it wasn't anywhere near the same degree, it was a discomforting pressure not unlike what she felt felt in Domain. Making matters worse, she recognized none of her new surroundings, not the ruins that had evidently served as her shelter until she awoke, not the lake that those ruins sat upon, nothing.

She was about to leave the area to find either something she did recognize or any clue as to where her companions went, when something in the corner of her eye caught her attention: not far from where she had been asleep, there was a single shining rock. Something told her that she would somehow need it, so she picked it up.]

[When she did, the rune activated, and without her realizing what it was doing, it began showing the world the face of its newest arrival: a girl in her late teens, with light brown hair, green eyes, and a very faint marking upon one side of her face.]

What's this, now...?
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[It's been so long since she last had anything to say on the rune, since she last did anything much more than travel from Veldime to the Market and back, perhaps to the Steppe once or twice for a few extra things. One might be forgiven for thinking she'd left, returned back home to whatever terrible deeds she has waiting for her but no, still here, still quiet, still in the shadows.

When the rune flickers to life, white lines flash through it, as if it's somehow managed to fall into disrepair through lack of use; she's had time to study it, to play with it, not quite so easy to play with curses but well, there's not any real social media here in the first place is there?

Eventually something plays, something she's been working on for some time.

[In the Market the central carousel spins and spins as black figures crowd ever closer, as Leonie sits with Persephone coiled about her throat, gold and fierce and hissing. The screen cuts to black, only her voice that still rises above the din of the Market and the discordant music approaching a frenzy behind her.]

And he shall cleave it with the wings thereof, but shall not divide it asunder: and the priest shall burn it upon the altar, upon the wood that is upon the fire: it is a burnt sacrifice, an offering made by fire, of a sweet savour unto the Lord.

[The screen brightens. Veldime, her kitchen, her quiet little house and the rows of plant pots crowding every ledge. Three cards she turns over one by one.]

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[It was supposed to be a nice surprise.]

[Supposed to be, but Kain has no idea what he’s doing. He’d been off on one of his mountain excursions, the first one he’d actually taken solo since the world had been restored and everything had calmed down. For once, he’d at least told Terra when to expect him back… But after enough time, he’s started missing her, and longed to return.]

[So here he is. He’s returned early as part of the surprise, and with a somewhat ambitious idea in mind that he’s going to do something nice for Terra. So he’s bought a bunch of materials and is in the kitchen attempting to make her some homemade sweets. Attempting being the key word here. It all goes… sort of ok, at first...]

[Then It Happens. KABOOM!!!]

[Sudden explosion in the kitchen! Every surface is now coated in chocolate (including the dragoon), and there’s some ruined parts here and there under the chocolate coating too, the aftermath of the explosion’s force. And there are the firelizards, fluttering in to “help” clean up by trying to lick up as much as they can (yeah no, they don’t get far with that before many of them are laying around bloated and much much too full, the poor silly things.)]


[A chocolate covered Kain is coming through with an urgent message. He had better pray that no bees are around to chase him.]

Does anyone perhaps have a spell to… repair and clean things on a somewhat large scale? It’s a matter of extreme urgency.
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who: Lucina and you!
what: There's a lot to be getting on with in the new world. House moves, over-eager moogles and catching up with friends, to name a few.
where: Everywhere, potentially, but mainly Monsbaiya.
when: Throughout August.
notes: A catch-all post for all of your Lucina needs! Action or prose, whichever suits. Choose a ready made scenario or make up your own?

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who: Mikado + Asuna
what: Engagement ring shopping! :> Because having her pick it out is the best decision, right?
where: Seahaven → Ikebukuro
when: Present?? So late July.
warnings: The usual Mikado-level awkward, probably. That much hasn't changed.

if we can hold on, we can cross this ocean )
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[One shooting star of the many that lit up the sky flew over Seahaven. Like had happened years before, a young man, wearing a military uniform, found himself standing in the middle of town. He looks around, back, forth, then walks around a little bit.]


[He seems to recognize the place. He also recognizes the moogle. And the rune. Even though he had forgotten about this place when he went home, all the memories are returning to him now.]

Amazing. To think I could have possibly forgotten about this place...

[At least he needs no instruction on how to use the rune. He immediately prepares to start a video message.]


[The feed opens up to Athrun, looking serious.]

To those who can hear me: This is Athrun Zala. I don't know how long it's been, or who is still here, but I've returned, it would seem.

First things first -- can anyone provide me with transport to Orb? I'm in Seahaven right now, and I can't find anything about transport there at the port. And until then, I could use a place to stay.
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who: Celia Espellomente, Manfred Vaeris, and any applicable NPCs. (Firestorm, Revenant, etc.)
what: For her, it was yesterday. For everyone else, it was months ago.
where: Shepard's Point.
when: The morning after the shower.
warnings: It's Celia. Does she need any warnings?

She woke up in her room, just like any other day, but immediately noticed that something seemed a bit off. )